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It Isn’t Your Fault…

Unless you are a professional actor preparing for your next role or an athlete looking to move up a weight class…

Chances are you never wanted to gain weight…

As such, no one can blame you…

In fact, you might have tried to do the “right thing” …

More than a few times…

You might have tried to starve yourself and live off of a diet of steamed vegetables and lukewarm water…

Or take part in demanding workout programs that leave you holding on for dear life…

Why Fitness Programs Don’t Work

While your dedication and efforts are admirable…
Truth is an approach like that is simply not going to work…

To expect an average person with a world of responsibilities to live the life of a fitness model is simply not realistic…

In a day of chaos that starts from waking up to the sound of the alarm clock and ends with you hoping to find a moment of quiet…

Amidst all the professional and personal responsibilities…

How can one expect you to take out the time to enroll in fitness programs and cook “healthy” dishes that take hours…?

Which is why despite being determined, you soon find yourself back in the old rut…

Indulging in that greasy fast food and having no time to exercise…


The Cycle Keeps Repeating

After failing to see results you can continue living in a state of hopelessness…

Until something external once again forces you to repeat the cycle…

Something like a snide comment at a family gathering…

An awkward stare from an old friend at a school reunion…

Or maybe a glimpse in the mirror where you do not recognize the person you see on the other side…

But with the approach to weight loss being the same…

You fail to ever make any real progress and give up in days if not hours…

Why Is This Happening to You?

What changed…?

You probably recall a time when as a youth you could eat whatever whenever and get away with it…

You never tracked your calories and never had to follow rigorous training programs…

So how come now it feels like you put on weight just by thinking about food…?

You see what happens is that over time your body’s metabolism slows down…

As a result, you burn calories slower and therefore end up in a caloric surplus which leads to weight gain…

This is a result of the natural phenomenon called Sarcopenia…
Which explains how the body loses muscle mass as you age and starts storing fat instead…

This is problematic because muscle tissues burn more calories than fat does…

The problem, as you may have already guessed, is that you are not getting any younger…

And as you age, your metabolism is going to slow down further…

Are You Doomed?

So, is that it…?

You do not have the time to exercise or follow complex diet plans…

And with age working against you…

Should you just accept your fate…?

Well, what if there was a solution…

A solution that could take your body back in time…

By allowing it to grow lean muscles…

Without the need for tiresome gym programs…

Introducing BioPower Lean and Mean

A revolutionary product that makes use of 6 ingredients to help you lose weight naturally without the need for inedible diets or exhausting exercise programs…

A fat blaster supplement that increases muscle strength, helps you grow lean muscles and as a result lose weight…!

This is the result of the most extensive research that identified the reasons behind your weight gain and then explored natural solutions to help your body lose weight in the easiest manner imaginable…

Something that will not only help you get lean but also provide you with the strength and energy that comes with regular exercise…


But Is It Safe…?

A solution that alters the biochemistry of the body, all be it for the better, needs to be extremely safe…
This is why BioPower is
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Corn Free
  • Hormone Free
  • Lactose-Free
  • Free of Top 8 Allergens
  • Made in the USA in FDA Registered Facilities 
  • Scientifically backed with clean ingredients
  • Available in easy-to-swallow capsules 

Not Just A Weight Loss Supplement

BioPower does so much more than promote weight loss…

Each of the 6 ingredients has been selected after meticulous research and blended in the perfect ratios to offer you incredible benefits…

Raspberry Ketones 

Extracted from red raspberries, these promote weight loss in more ways than one:
  • Boost the body’s metabolism helping burn fat quickly 
  • Increase energy by breaking down fat cells
  • Suppress appetite to reduce cravings

Yohimbe Bark

Made from the bark of the African Yohimbe Tree, Yohimbe Bark has been used for ailments for centuries. It helps you lose weight by:
  • Preserving muscle mass 
  • Boosting the body’s metabolism to help burn fat quickly 
  • Promoting fat oxidation to burn fat efficiently
  • Increasing muscle endurance

Green Tea Extract 

This popular weight loss ingredient will help you:
  • Increase muscle efficiency resulting in the loss of more calories while you rest
  • Boost the body’s metabolism helping burn fat quickly 
  • Increase antioxidants that protect cells from damage and promote healthy cell growth
  • Have an improved heart health

Kola Nut

Termed by many as a “miracle cure” for fat loss, this ingredient will do wonders for you in your battle against the bulge.
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce water retention eliminating that swollen look


Dietary fiber made from the root of the konjac plant
  • Increases Metabolism Rate
  • Boosts Fat Loss
  • Reduces Cholesterol 
  • Control Blood Sugar Levels

Caffeine Anhydrous

A popular weight loss supplement, this ingredient will:
  • Boost the body’s metabolism helping burn fat quickly 
  • Suppress appetite to reduce cravings
  • Improve focus providing mental clarity
  • Increase energy levels 

Success Stories

See how BioPower’s blend has helped these people get to their dream physique and feel stronger than ever without spending ages in the gym…
"Hollywood actor MJ Wolfe dives deeper into the tremendous benefits of BioPower for crushing your health and fitness goals"
"How Katherine lost 26 lbs by using BioPower to support her workouts and diet plans"
“As a college student, my biggest way to blow off steam was to hang out with friends and party. Unfortunately, stressful study sessions left me no time to work out and left me stress-eating. I came across BioPower through a friend at a time when I had stopped going out because I felt conscious about my body. I am now the leanest I have ever been and have the energy and mental clarity that helps me with my studies”
Naomi, 22
“I am half the woman I was thanks to BioPower. I don’t even know when a few extra pounds turned into life-threatening obesity. But it went from difficulty in climbing the stairs to having a hard time getting out of bed. People who meet me after my transformation actually refused to believe I am the same person”
Jane, 29
“Busy with my career as a realtor, I had completely ignored my body for years. As a realtor, I need to be a confident person but that was hard when I felt super conscious about my body. BioPower gave me the solution that worked with my busy schedule. I can’t be happier”
Shirley, 37
“I never really was overweight but I hated how I could not put on muscle mass. Protein-packed diets and supplements did little to help me. I came across BioPower when I read about the science behind it. I am now in the best shape of my life and feel stronger than ever.”
Matt, 34
“As a couple, we realized that in recent years we had drifted away and no longer felt the attraction that we experienced early on in the relationship. After having kids, we really had no time to train and ate what the kids liked. BioPower gave us more than just a good physique and health, it gave us back the lost romance in our marriage.”
Jeff, 51 and Amanda, 44
“I was always a big guy and people often thought that it also meant I was strong. But I knew that I really couldn’t do anything. For me getting strong was as important as getting in shape. BioPower helped me achieve both those things”
Robert, 47



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What is something that offers you the opportunity to not only look your best but actually get in the best physical condition of your life worth…?

People can often feel intimidated while finding that out…

Assuming that it must cost an arm and a leg…

And who can blame them…

After all, this is a solution that helps you save time, energy, and money that you would have wasted on costly fitness programs and gym memberships…
Not to mention, the 6 exotic ingredients that make up BioPower cost a fortune…
But the thing is…

From its conception, BioPower was going to be a product that could be accessible to anyone struggling to lose weight…

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What’s more, BioPower also offers bulk discounts so that you can get a 3-month supply for just $49/bottle along with a Bonus and a 6-month supply for just $39/bottle.… with free bonus and free shipping!

Biopower Is the Only Solution…!

At this point, what is stopping you…?

As we see it, you have two options right now…

You can either delay action, promising yourself that you will be back soon till you forget about this solution…

Until some big social event comes around and you wish you had taken action earlier…

Or you can click on that buy button and start getting in the best shape and health of your life…

A revolutionary natural product that is backed by science and countless testimonies to help you lose weight without the need for painful exercises or dieting…

All for the price of a dinner…

It would be criminal to stay in a shape that makes you feel conscious and crushes your confidence…

There Is Going to Be No Better Time Than Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it work?
BioPower is an exciting new product that can help you lose weight quickly and easily! BioPower contains special ingredients that help to increase your metabolism, burn fat, and suppress your appetite. With BioPower, you'll see results fast - without the yo-yo dieting or grueling workouts. Alot of people have changed their lives and got into better shapes with the help of BioPower and we believe you can achieve the same!
Is it safe for me?
BioPower is made in USA in FDA registered and GMP certified facilities using state of the art engineered machinery under strict sterile standards, so you be assured of the premium quality and safety of the product. BioPower is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you're making a smart investment.
Is it One time Payment?
Yes, it is a one time payment with no hidden charges, no recurring charges and no gimmicks, protected by 60 day money back guarantee.
What if it doesn’t work or I am not satisfied?
If it doesn’t work for you, which we believe would not be the case, we will refund 100% money back to you within 60 days of the purchase, no questions asked! You order is protected by our 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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